Name Position Term
Kenneth Nelson Chair 2025
Jennifer Oliver Clerk 2026
Brian Beachkofski Member 2027


Trustee Meetings
Regular Meeting Minutes 2018 – Present

Who are the Board of Library Trustees ?

The Board of Library Trustees consists of three elected community members and the Library Director. Members may be jointly appointed by the Board of Trustees and the Board of Selectmen in the event a Board member is unable or unwilling to complete their term.

What functions does the Board perform ?

The Board has full authority over governance of the Library. It hires the Library Director, works with the Director to define policy and services, and works closely with the Director in establishing and presenting the Library budget to the town. The Board advocates for and advances the interests of the Library, incorporating the point of view expressed by the community and other stakeholders, and further presents these views to local, state and nationally elected legislators and leaders. 

The Board meets monthly except for July and August, with Library administration in an open meeting.

Where does the Board get its Authority ?

The Board of Library Trustees derives its authority from Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 78, sections 10-13, and can be read at:


Who Can Become a Member of the Board of Library Trustees ?

Any adult resident of the Town of Norfolk with an interest in the Library may seek election to the Board of Library Trustees, subject to laws and regulations set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, and the Town of Norfolk.


Why Might I Want to Contact the Board of Library Trustees ?

A town resident may contact the Board with any question, problem or concern related to Library services, policies or procedures.


How Do I Contact the Board of Library Trustees ?

The Board of Library Trustees meets monthly in an open meeting announced on the Town website, and can also be contacted through the Library Director.

Reviewed 11/7/22

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