The Norfolk Public Library will be reopening on Thursday January 20th with temporary hours. Thursday 11-7, Friday 10-4, Saturday 10-2, Monday 10-4, and Tuesday and Wednesday 11-7

Staff Directory

Libby O’Neill Library Director [email protected] 508-528-3380 x4
Sarah Ward Associate Director [email protected] 508-528-3380 x3
John Spinney Passports & Technology [email protected] 508-528-3380 x6
Courtney Allen Senior Youth Services Librarian [email protected] 508-528-3380 x5
Rachel Matthews Programming Coordinator [email protected] 508-528-3380 x7
Carolyn Iacoviello Circulation Supervisor [email protected] 508-528-3380 x2
Tamara Dalton Cataloging/Tech Services [email protected] 508-528-3380 x8
Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert Cataloging/Tech Services [email protected] 508-528-3380 x8


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