The library is now open for browsing. Contactless pick-up is still available.

Programs and Other Info for Ages 0-12

How to get books

The library is OPEN for browsing. You can still make a holds pickup appointment for lobby pickup. All kits and virtual programs will continue as scheduled.

For lobby pickup:

If you know what books your child would like, you can put them on hold on your SAILS app or here:

You will recieve an email confirming you’ve placed your hold. When you get a second email saying your hold is available, go ahead and schedule your pickup time slot here

The time slots for pickup AND browsing are:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 11-3

Wednesday, Thursday:  2-7 (12-2 for seniors and at-risk patrons)

Saturday: 10-2

If you don’t have any specific titles in mind but would like a book bundle put together for your child (up through high school), feel free to email Courtney at [email protected] with your library card number, child’s age or grade, and two or more titles they’ve recently enjoyed (and any other sorts of requests such as “a mystery book” or “a book with an animal as the main character”). These books can be added to an existing pickup appointment (please indicate date and time in email), or you will receive a phone call/email to set up a new appointment.







Take and Make

Register for a Take and Make Craft Kit on our event page or by clicking the dates below.

Pickup in Lobby during the 2nd week of the month — bags will be labeled by last name. Please pick up your kits by the end of the week.

Find tutorial videos here!


February 8-13

Preschool-2nd grade: Chinese Dragon Puppet

We supply: template, red construction paper, popsicle sticks

From home: glue/tape, scissors, crayons

Grades 3-6: Heart Boxes

We supply: template, colored cardstock

From home: glue/tape, scissors


March 8-13

Preschool-2nd grade: Paperbag Windsock

We supply: paper bag, popsicle stick, foam shapes, ribbon

From home: glue/tape, crayons

Grades 3-6: Canvas Bag Prints

We supply: canvas bag, sandpaper, crayons

From home: other color crayons, paper towel, iron


April 12-17

Preschool-2nd grade: Cherry Blossom Trees

We supply: brown paint, shades of pink tissue, glue, paper

From home: paint brush


Grades 3-6: Clay Plant Imprints

We supply: air dry clay, paint, paintbrush

From home: a plant or flower from your backyard, rolling pin


May 10-15

Preschool-2nd grade: Flower Wreath

We supply: wreath template, butterfly template

From home: scissors, crayons

Grades 3-6: Emoji Squishies

We supply: yellow, black, red, and white paper, stuffing, scotch tape

From home: scissors, additional clear tape if needed



Register for a STEM Kit on our event page or by clicking the kit below.

Pickup in Lobby during the 4th week of the month — bags will be labeled by last name. Instructions included in kits


February 22-27

Preschool-2nd Grade: Craft Stick Harmonica

We supply: 2 large craftsticks, 2 rubber bands, paper, toothpicks

From home: nothing

Grades 3-6: Shrinky Dinks

We supply: shrinky dink paper, keychain

From home: colored pencils, oven, old baking tray


March 22-27

Preschool-2nd grade: Grass Head

We supply: clear cup, soil, grass seed, face features (similar to Mr. Potato Head)

From home: water, crayon/markers, scissors, tape/glue

Grades 3-6: Spiral Twisters

We supply: wooden discs, string

From home: markers


April 26 – May 1

Preschool-2nd grade: Sunprint Art

We supply: sunprint paper

From home: a flower, leaf, or plant from outside


Grades 3-6: Box Solar Oven

We supply: box, tape, construction paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, smores makings (marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers), thermometers (return thermometers if you can)

From home: other foods to “cook” if desired DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COOK RAW MEAT! This is more of a “warmer” than a cooker.


May 24-29

Preschool-2nd Grade: Coffee Filter Parachute

We supply: coffee filter, cup, string

From home: tape, small toy for a passenger

Grades 3-6: Lava Lamp

We supply: Clear Water bottle, Vegetable oil, alka seltzer tablet 

From home: food coloring


Youth programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Norfolk Public Library

Questions? Please call Courtney Allen, Senior Youth Services Librarian, at (508) 528-3380 x5 or send an email to [email protected].

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