The library will be open for holds pick up only from 10-12 on Wednesday, November 25. The library will be closed on November 26 for Thanksgiving. Please note: the book drop will be locked at 1pm on Wednesday and will not re-open until Friday at 9:30am.

Programs and Other Info for Ages 0-12

How to get books

If you know what books your child would like, you can put them on hold here:

You will recieve an email confirming you’ve placed your hold. When you get a second email saying your hold is available, go ahead and schedule your pickup time slot here

The time slots are:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 11-3

Wednesday, Thursday:  2-7

Saturday: 10-2

You no longer need an appointment to browse the library! Just come on in with your mask, sanitize just inside the door at our Sanitation Station, and check in with a librarian at the circulation desk. You do still need to make an appointment for a contactless hold pickup, which you can do at

If you don’t have any specific titles in mind but would like a book bundle put together for your child (up through high school), feel free to email Courtney at [email protected] with your library card number, child’s age or grade, and two or more titles they’ve recently enjoyed (and any other sorts of requests such as “a mystery book” or “a book with an animal as the main character”). These books can be added to an existing pickup appointment (please indicate date and time in email), or you will receive a phone call/email to set up a new appointment.







Take and Make

Register for a Take and Make Craft Kit on our event page or by clicking the dates below.

Pickup in Lobby during the 2nd week of the month — bags will be labeled by last name. Siblings registered with the same email/phone number, regardless of age group, will be bagged together.

Find tutorial videos here!


September 14-19

Preschool: Autumn Tree Bubble Wrap Paining

We supply: Bubble wrap, red and yellow paint, tree branch printout

From home: Nothing!

Kids: Mask Tie Dye

We supply: Tie Dye (2 colors), Plain white cotton face mask, Rubber bands

From home: Water


October 13-17

(Library closed Monday, October 12 in observance of Columbus Day)

Preschool: Spider Webs

We supply: Popsicle stick anchor, yarn, spiders

From home: nothing!

Kids: Felt Monsters

We supply: Felt in various colors, googly eyes, stuffing, thread in various colors

From home: sewing needle or hot glue, other decorations as desired


November 9-14

Preschool: Turkey Paper Head Band

We supply: construction paper, feathers, googly eyes

From home: glue


Kids: Clothespin Turkeys

We supply: Clothespins, Brown paint, Googly eyes, Coffee filter, red and yellow craft foam

From home: Markers, Glue, Water, scissors


December 14-19

Preschool: Winter Picture Frame

We supply: everything!

From home: nothing!

Kids: Snowman Magnets

We supply: white pom poms, clothespin, googly eyes, construction paper, magnet

From home: glue, scissors


January 11-16

Preschool: Thumb Print Hanging Snowman

We supply: everything!

From home: nothing!

Kids: Scratch Art Bookmarks

We supply: Scratch-off bookmarks, ribbon, wooden stylus

From home: Nothing!


Register for a STEM Kit on our event page or by clicking the kit below.

Pickup in Lobby during the 4th week of the month — bags will be labeled by last name.

Siblings registered with the same email/phone number, regardless of age group, will be bagged together.

Find tutorial videos here!


September 28 – October 3

Preschool: Cupcake Kaleidoscope

We supply: cupcake liner, sequence shapes, mirror paper, duct tape

From home: Nothing!

Kids: Marble Maze

We supply: cardboard base, straws, 2 marbles (use with caution if younger children are present)

From home: Hot glue or Tacky glue


October 26-31

Preschool: Halloween Sensory Bag

We supply: 1 sandwich baggie, baby oil, pumpkin shapes, glitter shapes, duct tape

From home: water, food coloring (optional)

Kids: Spiderweb Slime

This craft is VERY messy! Try doing this outside or cover your work space.

We supply: glue, liquid starch, plastic spiders

From home: nothing!


November 16-24


Preschool: Counting Practice

We supply: pipe cleaners, pony beads, counting cards

From home: nothing! 


Kids: Rock Candy

We supply: Wooden candy dowels, clothespins, instruction sheet

From home: sugar, water, a clear glass


December 28 – 31


Kids: Snowball Catapult

We supply: Tongue depressors, rubber bands, plastic spoon, pom poms

From home: other forms of snowballs (mini marshmallows, cotton balls, etc for experimentation)


January 11-16


Kids: Crystal Snowflakes

ATTENTION: Borax is used in this experiment. It is toxic if ingested. Please use caution if you choose to do this experiment.

We supply: Blue/white pipe cleaners, string, popsicle sticks, borax

From home: a clear glass, water

Youth programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Norfolk Public Library

Questions? Please call Courtney Allen, Senior Youth Services Librarian, at (508) 528-3380 x5 or send an email to [email protected].

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