Request a 3D Print

The 3D printers are available for patrons to request files to be printed.

3D print jobs are free of charge, but are limited to print jobs that take 8 hours or less. This is subject to change based on the number of requests in the queue and materials that are available.

Patrons will be contacted when their print is complete, please allow several days for completion.

NPL reserves the right to refuse any requests for use of equipment in the Maker Lab, including 3D print requests. NPL does not guarantee patron privacy during the 3D printing process as printing is done in a shared public space.

Please review our Maker Lab Policy for more details.



Web address of the requested print. You may find 3D designs on repository sites such as:,, and

Prints requests are subject to the terms and conditions of use in the library's Maker Lab Policy.
Color options for 3D prints

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