Tuesday, March 12th, 6:30pm, Community Room

Register here or call the library to speak with a staff member (508-528-3380).

As anyone who’s ever tried to declutter knows, decluttering isn’t as simple as walking around your home tossing unwanted things in a trash bag. 

Instead, our stuff gets tangled up in thoughts that make it challenging to let go of possessions.

Susan McCarthy will discuss some of the most common reasons people have for holding onto stuff they may not use, need, or even like. You will learn the important technique for talking back to clutter-clinging thoughts.

*Susan McCarthy of ALessClutteredLife.com is a professional organizer. After the stress of emptying her parents’ home, she took a closer look at her own possessions and began decluttering. That process of discovery encouraged her to begin helping others to clear the clutter from their homes.

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