Summer Reading ages 0-12

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Watch this video for a tutorial on how to sign up/how summer reading will work this year


Register for summer reading here:

If you signed up last year, just log in again, no need for a new account!


Order your brag tag and summer reading folder here!

Brag Tag general pickup is over. If your child still wants one, fill out the form and they will be made available in the vestibule where book pickup is located.


Order your beads for Read and Bead here!

Please submit no more than once a week by Monday at noon, starting June 22nd. Orders will be filled and available on the front doors during open hours Wednesday 2-7, Thursday-Friday 10-2, and Saturday 10-1:00. Bead bundles will be taped to the doors and arranged alphabetically by last name. Email Courtney with the date and time of your next book pickup if you would like your child’s beads put in the bag. Please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing when coming to pick up your materials! 

Don’t forget you can save up your time and “spend” it how you want, just submit requests no more frequently than once a week.


For the “reading” part of summer reading, put titles you know you want on hold here and schedule your pickup time slot here

The time slots are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10-12 or 12:30-2:30

Wednesday:  2-4 or 5-7

Saturday 10-1

If you don’t have any specific titles in mind but would like a book bundle put together for your child (up through high school), feel free to email Courtney at [email protected] with your library card number, child’s age or grade, and two or more titles they’ve recently enjoyed (and any other sorts of requests such as “a mystery book” or “a book with an animal as the main character”). These books can be added to an existing pickup appointment (please indicate date and time in email), or you will receive a phone call/email to set up a new appointment.



Take and Make

Pick up starting Monday of each week. A set amount of kits will go out each day. No registration needed. As supplies last.


Week 7: July 27-August 1

Instruction Video

Preschool: Snow White Magic Mirror

We Supply: Mirror shape cut out of cardboard, Jewels (20), Mirror paper-oval shape (1)

From Home: Glue


Kids: Sand Art

We supply: assorted colors of sand, 1 container

From home: Funnel or rolled up paper

How to make a funnel from paper:


Teen: Tie Dye kit (shoelaces)

We supply: 2 squeeze bottles of 2 colors of assorted die,1 pair shoelaces, Rubber bands

From home: Water


Week 8: August 3-8

Instruction Video

Preschool: Wands

We supply: tongue depressor, star, sequence, ribbon

From home: glue


Kids: Scratch Art Bookmarks

We supply: 2 scratch art bookmarks, 1 wooden stylus, 2 ribbons (colors will vary)

From home: Nothing!


Teen: Glass picture magnets

We supply: 1″ Glass dome (3), Sticky magnet, assorted scrapbook pages, Modge podge 

From home: Glue, Your own images (magazine, old book, photograph, etc)


Week 9: August 10-15


Week 1: June 15-20

Introduction video:

OUT OF STOCK — Preschool: Masks or Crowns

We supply: Foam shapes, Jewels

Need from home: Crayons/markers, Glue


OUT OF STOCK — Kids: Suncatchers

We supply: Suncatcher, paint, paint applicator

From home: Some string and a window!


Teen: Pom Pom creatures

We supply: Pom poms, googly eyes, accessories

From home: Glue


Week 2: June 22-27

Instruction Video:

Preschool: Shield coloring page OR Foam Bookmarks

We supply for shield: Coloring Sheet, foam shapes, foil

From home: Crayons/markers, glue

We supply for Foam Bookmark: bookmark, foam stickers

From home: Crayons 


Kids: Pinwheels 

We supply: Cardstock Paper square, Brass fastener (1), Wooden dowel (1)

From home: Decoration materials, scissors


Teen: Seashell Frames

We supply: 2 cardboard frames, Paper (1), seashell assortment, tacky glue

From home: Decorating materials, hot glue (if needed)


Week 3: June 29-July 4

Instruction video:

Preschool: Firework cardboard rolls 

We supply: Cardboard rolls, Cups of paint (red and blue)

From home: Paper, scissors, and a grown up, Glitter (optional)


Kids: Paper windsocks (Red white and blue)

We supply: Construction paper (1 sheet) Pipe cleaner (1) Streamers (4)

From home: glue/tape, Decoration materials



We supply: Yarn (red, white, blue), Balloons (5), Clothespins (for drying), liquid glue

From home: Water and Oil or Petroleum Jelly


Week 4: July 6-11

Instruction video

Preschool: 3 Little Pigs Houses

We supply: Color construction paper (1), white paper houses (3), Raffia (straw), Toothpicks (sticks), Red tissue squares (brick)

From Home: Glue, markers/crayons


Kids: Catapult 

We supply: Tongue depressors (11), Plastic spoon (2), Rubber band (5)

From home: Scrap paper crumpled into balls for ammunition


Teen: Kindness Rocks

We supply: Rocks (3-4), Modge Podge for sealing (in plastic cup), paint in assorted colors

From home: Additional Paint or Sharpies to decorate


Week 5: July 13-18

Instruction Video

Preschool: Plant Seeds (Jack and the Beanstalk)

We supply: Cup (1), Seeds (5), Soil (sandwich bagful), Cotton balls (4), castle-paper cut out (1), Popsicle Stick (1), Light Blue paper (1 square)

From Home: Glue, water


Kids: Straw Zoomers

We supply: Card stock (cut into (1) 1″ x 9 1/2″ piece and (1) 1″ x 5”), Straws (4) 5 1/2″ long

From home: Tape (masking/scotch, and decorative (optional)), Glue (hot glue preferred)


Teen: Yarn birds

We supply: Selection of fuzzy yarns, 1″ styrofoam ball (1) , 2″ styrofoam ball (1), Toothpicks (2), pipe cleaners (1), yellow felt (cut into triangle for beak), straight pins with black ball heads (2), craft feathers (2), Craft glue (in plastic cup)

From home: Scissors, twig for display (optional)


Week 6: July 20-25

Instruction Video

Preschool: Pool Noodle Boats

We supply: 1” pieces of pool noodle (1), 3” cut straw (1), 2” tall Foam triangle (1)

From Home: The water!


Kids: Clothespin Little Mermaids 

We supply: Clothespin (1), Yarn (for hair), Fins (2-foam)

From home: Glue, Crayons or markers


Teen: Fairy jars

We supply: Jars, Fairy cutouts, Tea lights, Twine (for outside), Flowers (for outside), additional black paper for decoration or to make something other than a fairy

From home: glue, scissors


Youth programs are sponsored by the Friends of the Norfolk Public Library

Questions? Please call Courtney Allen, Senior Youth Services Librarian, at (508) 528-3380 x5 or send an email to [email protected].

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