Saturday, 9/25, 10:30 – 12pm (Virtual)

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Teaching and performing artist Jay Mankita will join us virtual for this interactive STEM workshop.  Play meets science in this dynamic program that will teach children and families all about basic forces and motion in a way that’s fun and exciting. In this hands-on STEM workshop, children will design, build, and play with Rube Goldberg machines, exploding popsicle stick snakes, ping pong catapults, and more. 

Suggested Materials List

These are only suggestions. You are not expected to come up with everything on this list, but please prioritize bolded items if possible.


Working surface and camera: table and/or floor, or shelf, counter, flat board, or other working surface. If possible, join from a laptop so we can see your child’s progress as they build.

Tracks: toy tracks, DIY cardboard tracks, the tops of hardcover books, or anything that a ball or car can roll on!

Balls: marbles, ping pong balls (preferred), golf ball, rubber ball, rolled up aluminum foil

Building Blocks: blocks, scrap wood, boxes, bins, chairs, stools, wooden planks, popsicle sticks, clay, plastic containers and cups

Fasteners: rubber bands, string, and tape, glue, hot glue, brass fasteners, wire (from clothes hangars), clamps, clothespins, twist ties, pipe cleaners, magnets
(String alternatives: string, chain (lightweight), ribbon, floss, fishing line, shoelace)

Rollers: balls, plastic containers, toy wheels, toy cars, fruits & vegetables, cans, tubes, dowels, cone shapes, lids, tape rolls, tape roll inserts, nuts & bolts, discs, paper wheels, spools

Dominoes or domino substitutes: clothespins, CD cases, cassette tape cases, books, folded playing or index cards

Weights: dominoes, blocks, coins, small stone

Tools: scissors

Toys: Tinker Toys, K’Nex, Legos, dominoes, action figures

Registration is required in order to receive the Zoom link a day before the program.


This program is brought to you with federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.


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