TITLE: Library Director

START DATE: November 1, 2018


The Norfolk Public Library Board of Trustees is seeking a Director, effective November 1, 2018. The Director is responsible for leading and managing all library operations. The Director reports to a 3-member elected Board of Trustees. Norfolk is a community of over 11,000 residents located about 35 miles southwest of Boston and about 25 miles northeast of Providence, RI. This community which has successfully strived to maintain its rural charm is nonetheless within easy commuting distance of the larger cities and towns of southern New England. Valued as a community treasure by residents and generously supported by an active Friends organization, the Norfolk Public Library was significantly expanded and completely renovated in 2005. There were over 83,000 discrete patron visits in CY 2017 and over 6,000 persons participated in library sponsored programs. The Norfolk Public Library is part of the SAILS network; it has an annual operating budget of $587,000 in FY 18; and employs 4 full time and 9 part time staff.


The Director has the responsibility for all public library operations, including administration of the library’s operating and capital budgets; overseeing the physical plant; and hiring, supervising, evaluating, and terminating staff on behalf of the Trustees. The Director is responsible for developing a strategic plan and technology leadership, including emerging technologies that impact the way in which the library delivers service to patrons of all ages.


As Administrative Head of the Public Library, the Director:

  • Supervises staff and their training; assigns responsibilities and ensures that work schedules are appropriately planned to ensure the orderly functioning of the library.
  • Is responsible for the appointment, evaluation, promotion and dismissal of staff.
  • Conducts staff meetings and develops program of staff training opportunities.
  • Supervises selection of books and all other library materials and is responsible for collection maintenance and development.
  • Implements and supervises use of technology for dissemination of information.
  • Directs expenditure of budgeted funds for the fiscal year, approves vouchers and Payroll, and authorizes payment by the Town Treasurer.
  • Analyzes, plans, and coordinates programs of the Public Library to ensure the highest quality services and use of resources and to maximize the effectiveness of budget allocations.
  • Prepares the annual operating budget and capital budgets for approval by the Library Board of Trustees
  • Prepares and files all reports as required by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners for continued certification of the library and to maintain eligibility for state LIG/MEG, Non-Resident Lending, and Net-Lender reimbursement programs.
  • As head of a department in the Town, represents the Public Library before other municipal boards and committees, as appropriate.
  • Represents the Public Library at regional, state and other Library agencies and organizations, and represents the library to the SAILS Library Network; may serve on the Executive Board of SAILS.
  • Seeks out and prepares applications for grants and other outside funding.
  • Acts as liaison between staff of the Public Library and the Board of Library Trustees.
  • Establishes, maintains, and implements programs which will engender good will and promote the Public Library and its services to the community.


The Library Director must have a Master of Library Science degree at the time of application, and must be certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Experience should include 3 to 5 years of public library management.


The Library Director must have a demonstrated knowledge of the principals and practices of library science, including knowledge of library automation systems and technology; organizational and interpersonal skills that permit the effective planning and direction of library staff and programs; excellent written and oral communications skills.


The Director is responsible to the Board of Library Trustees and is expected to exercise a high degree of independent judgment and decision-making in carrying out policy set by the Trustees.


This is a top-level administrative position that requires flexibility, sound decision-making, and independent judgment.


In order to implement and carry out the responsibilities described above, the Director interacts with the entire library staff, the Board of Library Trustees, as well as other town departments and the general public. The Director is responsible for fostering outstanding community relations.


Minimal to moderate physical effort demanded when performing functions under typical office conditions.


Work is performed in a facility with appropriate lighting and ventilation.


The Director is the top-level manager for the library, and directly supervises the Associate Director, Senior Youth Services Librarian, Information Systems Administrator, and Technical Services Librarian.

SALARY: $78,000

Email cover letter and resume to:
Glenn Hill
Clerk, Norfolk Library Trustees
Town of Norfolk is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Posted: May 1, 2018

(This job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee, and is subject to change as the needs of the employer and the requirements of the position change.)

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